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How PWA Technology Helps Your Ecommerce Site?

PWA stands for Progressive Web Apps. With the combined use of Magento and PWA, your online as well as offline businesses, can get many benefits. Most of the big brands are making use of PWA to make business websites more user-friendly.

Benefits of Progressive Web Apps

Take Advantages of Mobile Commerce without Spending High Amount
People are spending most of their time on the mobile, so it’s necessary to bring your business website mobile-friendly. As per the research, the average person spends more than 5 hours on the phone per day.
Mobile app development is the easy solution to reach to your potential customers but it will cost you a lot as well as it is time-consuming. It consists of a long process like the development of an app for iOS & Android, updates them from time to time, publishes them on their relevance store, etc. And this is the investment without a guaranteed ROI.
PWA plays a crucial role here. You can build a PWA for your website without much investment and easily engage with your targeted customers. The qualified Magento developers can easily convert your website into PWA without spending more amount and time. There is no need to make an app from scratch. With a single code, you can run this store on all the devices and no need to publish them on app stores. Just write it once and you can run anywhere.
Your Website is Accessible on Different Devices & Platform
HTML, CSS, and JavaScript are the web-based languages that are used to write the PWA code. The customers can access the app with the proper functioning web browser. Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Edge, your PWA will be compatible with all these browsers.
PWA has so many benefits. It saves your time of developing and publishing. These things also save the time of customers. They do not need to download and install. The access to your PWA store is really easy. And the best thing about PWA is, user can easily add the app to the home screen with some simple process with app manifest.
PWA still runs in a browser process, but once the customers add your app to the home screen, the browser UI is removed. Furthermore, a PWA also takes up much less space than a native Once the customer adds the app to the home screen, the browser UI is removed. With PWA, your customers can enjoy the tremendous, app-like experience of your eCommerce store without putting much effort.
PWA is SEO-Friendly
If you have an eCommerce store, it’s important that your customers should immediately find it on the internet. When you convert your eCommerce website to PWA, it offers the immersive experience of an app and also maintains the robustness of the web. A mobile app is something that you have to find it on the relevant app store, but your PWA is generally a web page that is crawlable as well as indexable. So you can easily optimize it as per SEO guidelines and also make it high-speed to get better rankings on the internet.


If you don’t have enough time and money, PWA is the best way to provide a great shopping experience for your customers compared to mobile applications. There are many big brands available in the market who are already making use of this technology. Contact Cinovic, one of the leading Magento developers in the market, for the seamless development of PWA from your current website.