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What Makes Magento Best for B2B E-Commerce Businesses?

Magento is one of the best platforms nowadays. As per the research done by Alexa, almost 26% of top eCommerce websites are developed by using the Magento platform.
For B2C market, Magento has been proven to be the best because it is open-source, fully functional, user-friendly, customizable, secure, robust and feature-rich. But, for B2B, this platform has a lot of things to provide.

Benefits of Magento For B2B eCommerce Business

Best Inventory Management

With the help of Magento, the user gets the best inventory tracking options. The business person can easily track multiple in-between warehouses, delivery schedules, drop-shipping, and locations from the business buyer’s account. With the help of superior level of credibility of delivery information, business buyers can decide the processes in advance.

Develop Mobile-responsive Platform for B2B Market with Magento

Mobile-responsiveness is the most required feature for today’s generation. Billions of people are using smartphones and that’s why it is mandatory to develop the B2B platform that provides the same experience in all the devices. This option allows business buyers to buy from any device they use.

Account Management and Pricing

By creating tiered users and customers, you can easily manage client accounts. All the major requirement that a B2B buyer needs such as group creation, permission setting, order history tracking, and every other account management is available in Magento.
Magento offers the secured pricing, payment options, shipping, and verification for your eCommerce B2B store. And these things make Magento a robust framework.

Easy To Make Bulk Purchase

There is a vast difference between a normal customer and a business buyer in terms of quantity and the method of purchasing products. A platform should be convenient if the buyer wants to purchase products in quantity and here Magento is a perfect choice. An eCommerce store developed in Magento offers features like customized prices, different sizes and discount offer so the business buyers can make their purchase quickly as well as without any difficulties.


The above points indicate the value of Magento for B2B eCommerce store. It offers all the features that a genuine B2B platform requires. It also includes invoicing, integration with ERP and quotations. What else do you want in the B2B eCommerce store? Cinovic can offer you the best B2B eCommerce platform with all the required features. With professional and certified Magento developers, we can use all the functionalities offered by Magento platform. Call us or come to our place to discuss your requirement. We are happy to serve you.